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  • Please Stay

    Has any of you begged for your sugar parent to stay with you? What were the reasons why you want them to stay with you?

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    I have never begged for a sugar daddy to stay with me (yet). And I hope that would never happen


    • BohoKween
      BohoKween commented
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      You should make sure that it would not happen. I know that begging feels so pitiful.

    • pussyResolutetight
      pussyResolutetight commented
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      What would you do if it ever happens?

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    Once, I begged him to stay as there was nobody left on my side. My sugar daddy was the only person left whom I could rely on financially.


    • Biggie
      Biggie commented
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      So it has crossed your mind to try and get a job? Because you can have a job and have a sugar daddy at the same time.

    • InjusticeAmice
      InjusticeAmice commented
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      Biggie I think she wanted a job that will also benefit here and that would be being a sugar baby.

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    No, I never begged on my sugar daddies. I have been so confident that I could easily have other daddies should one leaves me.


    • Jinni
      Jinni commented
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      Oh. I admire your fighting spirit. Well, yes, I believe that we should not beg. We could live without begging a sugar daddy to stay with us.

    • VoiceLove
      VoiceLove commented
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      LOL. Beg? Why will I? I would never do such a thing. It is not my loss if they dump me. I could find other daddies out there.

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    Yes, I begged once. Still, he left me. Good thing that I still survived. Well, look at me now. I am better than ever.


    • NotoriousMOM
      NotoriousMOM commented
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      What was his reason why he wants to leave you already? Did he found a younger and hotter baby?

    • missSomberhorny
      missSomberhorny commented
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      After he left you, have you learned your lesson not to beg again? I hope that you do.

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    Guess I'm lucky that I was never given a choice like that. But, mostly, she's the one begging me to stay.


    • StitchOutdoor
      StitchOutdoor commented
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      Indeed, bro! Well, I haven't experienced about the begging part yet except in bed when she's begging to cum, lol!

    • Dickie
      Dickie commented
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      Can't believe that you were the one who decided to break up with your sugar mommy. Only a guy with balls of steel would do such a thing.

    • Humomkin
      Humomkin commented
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      Oh, wow. So, what could be the reason why she begged you to stay?

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    I found out that a previous sugar was cheating on me by having multiple sugar daddies. When I told her that it was over between the two of us, she begged for me to stay because according to her, I'm the one who's paying her the highest in terms of the allowance that she's getting from me and her other sugar daddies


    • RudeRudy
      RudeRudy commented
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      Was she providing for her entire family or she's just have an really extravagant lifestyle that she need multiple sugar daddies in order to survive?

    • PaperRunTayl9or
      PaperRunTayl9or commented
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      So, did you retain her as your sugar baby after she begged you to stay?

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    Never begged a sugar mommy to still take me as their sugar baby. It is a young persons game so you have to prepare yourself to be replaced by someone who's younger.