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  • Strange Requests

    To all the sugar parents here, what are some of the strangest requests or demands that was asked from you by a potential sugar baby?

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    A former sugar daddy told me that he had a sugar baby who wanted him to rent a condominium unit for her at a newly built high rise


    • DirectionLove
      DirectionLove commented
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      Actually, that was not a strange request at all. That was an expensive request and I know some who also did that kind of a request.

    • BeachRun
      BeachRun commented
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      Maybe that sugar baby always uses that kind of expensive request to other of her sugar daddies. Did she end up owning at least one, though?

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    An old sugar mommy of mine told be about the time that one of her sugar babies wanted a Ducati as his first motorbike. Because he wanted to join his friends who go on rides during the weekend


    • pussyThreetight
      pussyThreetight commented
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      If his sugar momma has lots of money then that could be purchased easily. It is just an expensive motorbike.

    • SashaBangs
      SashaBangs commented
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      That sugar baby is so demanding and so unrealistic.

    • missSmilingpussy
      missSmilingpussy commented
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      That's too much. I wonder if she gave it to him.

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    Originally posted by KittyBush View Post
    To all the sugar parents here, what are some of the strangest requests or demands that was asked from you by a potential sugar baby?
    I remember how I used to be demanding to my sugar mommy. We were talking inside of her car and she got so mad when I raised my voice at her. She kicked me out of her car and threw cash at my face then drove off. From then on, I never want to demand too much.


    • pussyResolutetight
      pussyResolutetight commented
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      Let us not be so demanding. They are paying for our service. We must be content with it and should not ask for unreasonable demands.

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    An acquaintance I've met because of sugar dating told me a story about how she used to be so demanding. So, she visited her daddy and wanted to request a plane ticket to the Bahamas. He was happy into thinking that she wants to travel with him, but it turns out that she will be travelling with 2 of her friends at the expense of her daddy. She had a hard time when his blood pressure rose, surely he was already stressed at that time. The good thing is that she used to go to med school, so her daddy was doing fine but they ended a couple of months after.


    • KiwiTwin
      KiwiTwin commented
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      Did the daddy shoulder the tickets of her two friends?

    • pussyTeenytinytight
      pussyTeenytinytight commented
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      KiwiTwin I guess not, lol! That's too much to ask for. She shouldn't have asked for plane tickets if she's just going to treat her friends. Remember that it is not her money, but it's her sugar daddy's money. She could've at least invited him to come along with them, he would be happy about that.

    • JollyFilly
      JollyFilly commented
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      I thought that he dumped her and they ended up right then and there. lol. Well, it was good for her that she lasted for couple of months more.

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    It's not considered a request but I find it strange when my ex-sugar mommy and I were already in her room then she took out her strap-on and ask me if I'm into pegging. I said no right away but she explained to me why. And now I know that one of her ex-sugar babies used to enjoy pegging, so she assumed that I wanted it too. But no, thanks! LMAO!!


    • BohoKween
      BohoKween commented
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      I think she should've asked you first before she would surprise you with her strap-on. You might even run away if she starts attaching a 10-inch dildo on her strap-on LMAO!

    • Thinters
      Thinters commented
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      But why did you not try it? You do not know but you might like it.

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    A strange request from a sugar parent? During my personal experiences, I've never encountered any strange requests from any of my sugar mommies. Guess I'm lucky.


    • missRattypussy
      missRattypussy commented
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      I've never had any strange requests from my sugar daddy as well. We must've been good sugar babies after all.

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    A potential baby once asked me for this strange request for owning my debit and credit cards. I insisted that we'd try and get one from the bank but she's insisting mine.


    • HotChatty
      HotChatty commented
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      I do not understand. Do you mean that she wanted to use your own debit and credit cards? If yes, then she might be planning to have a shopping spree.

    • JessieJay
      JessieJay commented
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      HotChatty He meant that one of his potential baby wants to own his debit/credit card rather they went to the back to issue a new card for the baby but he refuses and want his card instead

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    Not necessarily strange but some are asking for a loan so he could buy a camry. One of my friend was once asked money so he could pay off strippers and she refused haha


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      If I have a sugar daddy I will demand from him an expensive car.