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A sugar daddy's offer in exchange of what?

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  • A sugar daddy's offer in exchange of what?

    One day, I just caught myself following a 45-year old lawyer in Texas and I did not expect that he'll follow me back. We started talking and introduced ourselves to each other. We do late night talks and after 2 weeks he wants to see me, I made excuses because I'm from Arkansas but then he offered me to left Arkansas and he'll get me a house in Texas. I know he's rich but I don't know why I refused such offer. If he offer it again, do I have to accept it? I am afraid that he'll make a her sex slave.

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    Of course you should accept it dear! You'll be her sugar baby, don't you like that? Everything you need will be provided. All you just have to do is to satisfy his lust. That's so simple!


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      I think you should just enjoy everything he's doing for you. you will lose nothing! Be wiser!


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        Just enough with this drama, okay???


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          A sex slave??? hahahaha that's what you get from watching movies hahahhahaha