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Torrid kiss with same gender

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    My friends told me that I kissed a cute girl in the bar. but I don't remember it because I was so drunk.


    • missPoisedhorny
      missPoisedhorny commented
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      What do you feel after knowing that? Did it feels weird or exciting for you?

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    One of my friends already tried that, and she said that it was horrible.


    • missNeighborlypussy
      missNeighborlypussy commented
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      Why is it horrible? Is she kissing someone she knows?

    • missAdventuroushorny
      missAdventuroushorny commented
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      Well I cannot answer your question baby as it's my friend who kisses same sex hahaha. I'll ask her if we meet lol. missNeighborlypussy

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    It's okay for me to have a kiss with the same gender as long as we are strangers.


    • assSloppytight
      assSloppytight commented
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      And if it goes to more than kissing, will you still be okay with it?

    • StitchOutdoor
      StitchOutdoor commented
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      assSloppytight Of course, that's the main reason why we kiss someone right? To start for something better.

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    Nope, but I already tried kissed with a gay before.


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      I haven't tried that one, but I think I won't try it. I just don't like that idea.