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Sucking his toes!

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  • Sucking his toes!

    I have a friend who is also a sugar baby. One time, there was this new sugar daddy that she met. While she was negotiating for the agreements, she was shocked to learn that her client had a weird proposition. Her daddy wanted her to provide a footjob on a toilet. Yes, she would need to lick his daddy's toes and that it should be done in a toilet. There is a special place for the licking of toes: in a toilet. That was my first time that I had encountered such a weird practice. If you were my friend, would you accept one of the services that is needed to be done?

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    What you did to him was just sucking his toes. A footjob is when you stroke his dick using your feet. In case you can't picture what it looks like, I've included a pic for all of you to see


    • missSomberhorny
      missSomberhorny commented
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      Have you actually given a guy a foot job before?

    • missSpikypussy
      missSpikypussy commented
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      Speaking of a footjob, that is easy to perform. You just need to grab his dick by your feet and jerk it up and down until he cums.

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    Why does he want his toes to be liked while the two of you are in the toilet. Can't you guys just do it in the bedroom?


    • missNeighborlypussy
      missNeighborlypussy commented
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      That is a good question! There are guys who want to do it in specialized areas. On this case, that particular sugar daddy has a desire to do that stuff on a restroom.

    • assBrieftight
      assBrieftight commented
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      It is not to be liked, but to be licked. Well, it is actually sucking his toes. That is like a gross thing to do.

    • TouchCoucher
      TouchCoucher commented
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      When it comes to his toes, it is because he has a foot or toe fetish.

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    I feel that her daddy doesn't only have a foot fetish but also fetish when it comes to doing it on the toilet considering that he specified that they have to do it there.


    • pussyThreetight
      pussyThreetight commented
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      Yes! That is the thing that I had noticed, too. Her sugar daddy has a peculiar place of doing his kink.

    • DaddyWarbucks
      DaddyWarbucks commented
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      Maybe he's going to clean her feet first before he starts on sucking on them that's why they're doing it there.

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    Did the sugar daddy of your friend told her the reason why he wants to do it in the toilet?


    • pussyClearlicking
      pussyClearlicking commented
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      Maybe he has a huge tub in his bathroom that's why he prefers to do it there.

    • StitchOutdoor
      StitchOutdoor commented
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      I don't know if its just a toilet or it has a bathroom, It's kinda dirty in the toilet and that man has uncomfortable fetishes.

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    I just hope that those ladies who give their partners footjobs doesn't have athlete's foot or because I would feel bad for the guys since their dicks might end up getting infected lol.


    • missSmilingpussy
      missSmilingpussy commented
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      I don't think that they would allow their partners to give them footjobs if they knew that the girl has athlete's foot.

    • pussyHabitualwet
      pussyHabitualwet commented
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      I think that the girl would tell him about her athlete's foot immediately. Because her pussy would catch it as well since it would be impossible that the guy would be content with just a footjob from her.

    • LowLa
      LowLa commented
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      If that ever happens then it's still their fault for making us do footjobs on their dick lol.

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    I don't like the sound of licking the toes, If he wants to do it on the toilet make sure its on the shower itself while taking a bath otherwise it would be a bad taste when those toes be licked with some disgusting microorganisms on it.


    • PaperRunTayl9or
      PaperRunTayl9or commented
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      missSecondpussy and it's not only licking but you have to suck it too and only god knows how many times would you suck it lol.

    • SugahBaby
      SugahBaby commented
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      There's a huge chance that he's going to clean your feet before he starts sucking on your toes.

    • Dickie
      Dickie commented
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      Well you can just put on some headphones and listen to music while he's busy down there. I bet he would understand it if you explained it to him properly.