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Money? Experience? Companionship?

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  • Money? Experience? Companionship?

    I'm just a curious sugar daddy wanting to know the answers from random sugar babies here. What are you really IN for to this kind of arrangement? Is it the for the fun of having someone much older than you? Or in real need of financial help? I'm open to any answers okay? No pressure, precious babies.

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    Most babies are after the money that they would be getting from their sugar parents


    • missSomberhorny
      missSomberhorny commented
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      I do not think that "most" babies because as far as I know, "all" babies are after the money.

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    I would say that it's money and experience for me. Because I had a few daddies before who ended up being a mentor of sorts with all the advice and knowledge that they shared to me


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      I'm in it for the money and a little bit of a companionship. It's a give and take kind of bond and I find mature men pretty amazing to be with than boys my age.


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        Am I the only one who actually looks for a companionship? A father-like figure who be sexual with?


        • DikeM
          DikeM commented
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          I think that you're the only one who has an Electra complex here lol

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        My sugar babies both wanted experience and money. We've always settled it that way.


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          Am I the only one here who is only after the money? I do not care with those experiences.


          • KiwiTwin
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            Do you have so many experiences that you do not need it anymore?

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          All of the babies that I had wanted only one thing - money. Why? What else do they need?


          • missSpikypussy
            missSpikypussy commented
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            If they have kinks for older people then it must be companionship.

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          Based on past sugar relationships that I had, all the babies are looking for are money and the experience. Companionship is something that the sugar parents often look for especially the ones who haven't had a partner for quite some time


          • PaperRunTayl9or
            PaperRunTayl9or commented
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            But have you been with someone who only asked you for companionship?

          • GrandioseGraham
            GrandioseGraham commented
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            @PaperRunTay9or only with men my age

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          I'm looking for someone who genuinely enjoys being generous with their time and attention. If it brings them pleasure to buy me things, I'm okay with that. If it brings them pleasure to have a travel companion, I'm okay with that. So much of my everyday life includes being responsible for others, the idea of surrendering to the experience of someone wanting to be responsible for me sounds heavenly!


          • KittyBush
            KittyBush commented
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            How about when it comes to his age? Are you looking for someone who can keep up with you?

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          I am not fussed about age. I can be equally comfortable with wild, swinging from the chandelier parties and quiet evenings in front of the fireplace.