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Who Is Looking For A Sugar Baby Right Now?

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  • Who Is Looking For A Sugar Baby Right Now?

    Let me & others know if you are looking.
    I am looking for a Sugar Mommy/Daddy
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    Hello, Sweet&TightPrincess! Since I'm new here too, yes, I am looking for a sugar daddy.
    So, which one of them will you have to date first? A sugar daddy? Or a sugar mommy?
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    • BillyOrgan
      BillyOrgan commented
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      Hey, pussyTeenytinytight. Why don't you try and date both sugar mommies and daddies simultaneously?

    • NotoriousMOM
      NotoriousMOM commented
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      BillyOrgan really? simultaneously? it seems that she needs to be supported a lot, she can go for sugar daddies because theirs a lot of them

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    Life is a bit unpredictable. Sometimes, it is a bit easy to find those sugar daddies and sometimes it is a bit difficult to find them.


    • BeachRun
      BeachRun commented
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      You're right, it's very unpredictable as the weather, it's not like every day it's raining men or sugar parents in particular.

    • pussyTalllicking
      pussyTalllicking commented
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      They come to you the least you expect it, so you have to be patient. Be extra patient with them, that's all I can say.

    • pussyPresentlicking
      pussyPresentlicking commented
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      JollyFilly yeah we need their location ASAP I want to have a new sugar mommy as well

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    I am looking for a sugar daddy, too. If any of you could recommend a good sugar daddy who is looking for someone hot then that would be appreciated.


    • Jinni
      Jinni commented
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      Are there any qualifications that you have and not just being hot? LOL

    • missSmilingpussy
      missSmilingpussy commented
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      Do you really need him to be hot? Maybe this is for your sexual needs

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    Hey there Sweet&TightPrincess, have you had any sugar relationships with a sugar mommy before?


    • RudeRudy
      RudeRudy commented
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      If she answers yes, then are you willing to join and try to experience what it's like having a sugar mommy?

    • SashaBangs
      SashaBangs commented
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      I didn't experienced that kind of relationship. I am curious about it, and I want it to try it too.

    • Stitchel
      Stitchel commented
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      I think that I read her post that this is her first attempt to find some sugar daddies and sugar mommies.

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    I am not looking for a sugar baby. What I am looking for are sugar daddies. I had read that you are looking for both. But as for me, I only want sugar daddies.


    • pussyThreetight
      pussyThreetight commented
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      Oh, my gosh. There are so many here who are also looking for their sugar parents. I guess that the men who are also looking for their sugar mommies are just lurking around?

    • FrogFrock
      FrogFrock commented
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      @pussyBlueeyedlicking If she's into sugar mommies then let her be. Maybe she just wants to know the difference between a sugar mommy and daddy.

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    I have a question. Why are you looking for sugar mommies? Are you not contented with having sugar daddies? Why do you need to have both?


    • VoiceLove
      VoiceLove commented
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      LMFAO JessieJay Yeah it sounded like some sort of an incest, I think she wants to experience both

    • missSpikypussy
      missSpikypussy commented
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      JessieJay A family? Nah, never. How about catching up with more clients in order to earn more? Most sugar babies have multiple sugar daddies. We need to earn high, right?

    • assBrieftight
      assBrieftight commented
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      So she could receive a high amount of support to both of them and she could buy anything she wanted

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    I'm looking, Is there anybody out there --a sugardaddy wants a 31 years old woman from Louisiana. LMK