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  • Wardrobe Change

    This one is for the babies here in the forum. When you started being a sugar baby, did you somewhat improve the way you dressed? Did you started wearing expensive clothes and the like or you still go with the same old clothes or brands that you used to wear?

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    I know that I'm a sugar mommy but I often take clothes shopping my babies so that they can improve their wardrobe and have clothes to wear for formal events


    • pussyTalllicking
      pussyTalllicking commented
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      You must have lots of money then as you usually go shopping for your babies. But why not just give the money to your babies and let them do the shopping themselves?

    • BeachRun
      BeachRun commented
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      I'd send them money to their bank accounts. By the next date, I'd see them wearing new clothes and shoes. It makes me so proud of them.

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    When I used to be a sugar baby, I would often get extra allowance for dresses since I'm the shirt and jeans type of gal


    • GrandioseGraham
      GrandioseGraham commented
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      How about your shoes, NotoriousMOM? Are you a stilettos or a rubber shoes kind of gal?

    • GoGo
      GoGo commented
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      And how many dresses did you end up owning by the end of the sugar relationship?

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    My sugar daddy would buy me designer clothing. It's one of the best gifts I ever received for being a sugar baby.


    • JessieJay
      JessieJay commented
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      Do you have a particular favorite among the clothes that you've got from him?

    • missRattypussy
      missRattypussy commented
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      How many times does your daddy take you to shopping sprees?

    • Outdoorks
      Outdoorks commented
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      JessieJay I like Gucci the most.

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    I needed to. In order to attract more clients, we need to be beautiful and wardrobe is one of the aspects of it.


    • KittyBush
      KittyBush commented
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      Did you ask your daddies to give you a shopping allowance every time you feel that you don't have clothes to wear already?

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    I always made sure that my babies look decent and dress properly so I make sure that we go shopping for clothes every couple of months


    • LZA
      LZA commented
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      Bet that your babies loved you for that shopping spree

    • SashaBangs
      SashaBangs commented
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      You do that with your babies? My daddies do not do those things with me.

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    I would often buy new clothes and try to donate or give to friends the ones that don't fit me already


    • KiwiTwin
      KiwiTwin commented
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      I bet that your friends are lucky to have you in their lives since they get free clothes from you lol

    • DivisionComposite
      DivisionComposite commented
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      How often do you give away your stuff to your friends?

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    For me, I'm more of a shoe guy. I'd buy sneakers and rubber shoes.