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  • Hair removal

    Yeah, we know that unwanted hair is one of our enemies. So, what are your suggestions to best remove those hair? In the past, I only shave them for quick and easy removal but lately I started waxing them. How about your beauty secrets in regards to hair removal?

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    Waxing is better. It is smoother and the hair would not grow easily. Of course, there is pain that you would have to bear.


    • missAdventuroushorny
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      I've tried waxing my facial hair at the spa and yes, it is really painful but bearable. I feel bad for hairy people who always get rid of their excessive hairs all over their bodies.

    • BillyOrgan
      BillyOrgan commented
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      missAdventuroushorny So, have you tried to wax your pubes, too?

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    It's kinda frustrating to remove hair every once a month, I've tried so many regiments but waxing is the best way to resolve this issue, for my armpits, legs, and bikini area.


    • InjusticeAmice
      InjusticeAmice commented
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      Right! I do my monthly wax appointments to my favorite spa and I got a discount from it because I am one of their regular customers.

    • pussyHabitualwet
      pussyHabitualwet commented
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      Yes, waxing is the best. Yes, it hurts but the results are the best among all the cheap hair removal options. Using a laser treatment is expensive for me so waxing is the next best thing.

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    I only do shaving when I'm taking a shower. Since I only get rid of only a few armpit hairs. I'm too lazy to go to the spa for waxing schedules, so I might as well do it myself at home.


    • missPoisedhorny
      missPoisedhorny commented
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      I only shave my excess hairs too, no need for me to go to the spa because it's just a few hairs for me lol!

    • pussyTeenytinytight
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      Yeah, for cheap measures then you could do it alone by yourself. The only issue there is that the hair would grow immediately and you would have to shave again which could irritate the skin.

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    We're actually the same. I used to shave but when my friend said that waxing is better, that's what I've been doing since then. And all I can say is that it's actually better. It gives you a flawless skin.


    • HotChatty
      HotChatty commented
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      Absolutely. Unlike when you shave, you get some bumps on your skin. It is really irritating to feel those bumps. That's why I never tried shaving again, I always resort to waxing.

    • TouchCoucher
      TouchCoucher commented
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      Yes, it is flawless at it removes the hair with its roots so it would take a longer time before new hair would grow again.

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    For me, it depends on the part where it's growing. As for example, for my eyebrows, I usually have them threaded. As for my armpits, I have them waxed. As for the other parts, I have them shaved.


    • Stitchel
      Stitchel commented
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      Which part of your body do you consider shaving? I think it's best if you just have it waxed too. What do you think about that?

    • pussyThreetight
      pussyThreetight commented
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      So I assume that you have your legs shaved? I suggest that you don't do that. Have it waxed, or else, you'll have some spots on it due to shaving.

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    I still do some shaving but in order for me to have a smooth skin after that, I put some moisturizing cream. It is actually effective because my skin becomes soft and smooth.


    • Thinters
      Thinters commented
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      It is important to apply moisturizing cream after you shave any parts of your body. Apply lotion or smooth gel to it and your skin will thank you later.

    • KiwiTwin
      KiwiTwin commented
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      Absolutely. You can also apply a cream which is moisturizing and whitening at the same time. In that way, you wouldn't have to worry about dark spots after shaving.

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    You could try those laser treatments. Yes, it is expensive but the results would not disappoint you.


    • Boundaryko
      Boundaryko commented
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      Yes. I agree. This is the best thing to do. But then, you could only do it if you have some money to spare.

    • SashaBangs
      SashaBangs commented
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      If only I have much time and money then yes, I would like to try your suggestion, thank you so much for that CashMomma!

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    Lucky for me, am I the only here that only has less hair all over my body? Okay, perhaps my pubes are the only hair that I can get rid of, the rest - armpit hair, leg hair, arm hair, NONE!