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  • Choose a Daddy to date

    Here's for the sugar babies out there, if you were to choose a kind of sugar daddy to date, which of these two and why?

    1. EXPERIENCED Daddies - they don't pay sugar babies in money rather pay gifts like fine dining, hotel stays, and vacation trips.
    2. SPLENDA Daddies - they would pay sugar babies in money but a cheaper budget
    I would choose an Experienced Daddy
    I would choose a Splenda Daddy

  • #2
    I think experienced daddies are more suitable for sugar babies like me who have decent jobs and have sugar daddies on the side. Sure there's no money as payment but he'll shoulder our dates, hotel stays, and vacation trips which is better for me.


    • missSpikypussy
      missSpikypussy commented
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      Yey! I'd choose an experienced daddy as well, I badly need vacation trips and hotel stays to pamper myself away from stress. No money? No problem, I can finance myself just as long as my sugar daddy would pay all of these for me, it's already a win-win.

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    I would choose a Splenda Daddy. Why? Because I need money! I would choose money over those vacations with no money.


    • Dickie
      Dickie commented
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      Can I also have a Splenda Mommy? Lol, yes, I'd rather accept cash even if it's for a low-budget, so what? It's still cash, we must accept that.

    • GrandioseGraham
      GrandioseGraham commented
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      For people who are desperate to have money, then a splenda daddy should be selected.

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    I would choose an Experienced Daddy as long as I also have other sugar daddies who are paying me. That is the condition that I need to have. Hello, I need money, too! I could not survive without money.


    • ExtraMantra
      ExtraMantra commented
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      Correct! At least one experienced daddy is okay so they'd be giving you vacation getaways or staycations at five-star hotels, the rest of your sugar daddies are there, and from your earnings, you'll be able to finance yourself already so there's no problem about that.

  • #5
    I will definitely choose the experienced daddy. Because I prefer having fine dining dates and travel vacations rather than having the money itself. Plus, I am sure that the cash which will be given to me is relatively lesser than the cost of those fine dining dates and vacations.


    • DirectionLove
      DirectionLove commented
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      Humomkin I'd choose the same too. Well, I guess it's time for me to choose to be with an experienced daddy. At least I'd get to taste luxurious vacations and fine dining dates too, well, I don't usually spend my money on those things. Since my sugar daddy can provide me that, it's okay even if there's no money in exchange.

  • #6
    I think I will go for the splenda daddy. That's because I can put the money that I am making from being a sugar baby into a bank. It can serve as my investment which I can use in the future.


    • FrillerDrill
      FrillerDrill commented
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      I'd choose to be with a Splenda daddy as well, if there's little money, I'd still take it. It is money and should not be put into waste so yeah, I'd accept his offer and we'll still have a good time together.

  • #7
    I'll probably choose the experienced daddy because I know that I deserve all those gifts. I deserve expensive fine dining dates and luxurious travels. Plus, I won't be happy if I am only receiving cash.


    • pussyResolutetight
      pussyResolutetight commented
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      I bet you chose the experienced daddy because you want to act as if you're rich. Also, I do think you are a social climber and just wants to be included in the rich girls' circle that's why you want expensive dates and travels.

  • #8
    I'll be choosing the splenda daddy. I don't need those luxurious trips. What I need is money to sustain my everyday life.


    • missSecondpussy
      missSecondpussy commented
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      A small amount of money will be fair enough for me too. As long as I get to touch the hard work money that I've earned from that sugar date with my sugar daddy.

  • #9
    I will choose a sugar daddy who is a mixture of both. Well, I had a sugar daddy in the past who likes to spoil me with expensive dates and vacations but still gives me cash. I would like to be with that kind of sugar daddy again.


    • pussyTeenytinytight
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      Why can't we have both personalities in just one sugar daddy, right? I totally agree with you, I would choose to have a mixture of both as well.

  • #10
    I would choose a Splenda Daddy. Why? I need money more than ever. I do not care if it is not much as long as I would be paid.


    • #11
      I would choose an Experienced Daddy. I want to have those vacations and other perks.


      • Ragemici
        Ragemici commented
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        I think it's time for me to try dating an experienced daddy. I think I need a vacation trip or a holiday getaway for this coming Christmas season. Oh well, I hope to find an experienced daddy even if it would take me to find one just a night before Christmas. Lol!

      • missFabulouspussy
        missFabulouspussy commented
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        Yes. Me, too. As long as he could take me to various tourist destinations and pay everything for it, then I would love to have those things.