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  • What to bring?

    What do you usually bring during those first sugar dates? I always bring with me my handbag filled with a pack of gums, my make-up bag, and a handy swiss-knife for emergency purposes maybe?

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    I'd bring my perfume so I would smell nice for the rest of the evening, I'd also bring a pack of gums too, my coin purse and some IDs.


    • Outdoorks
      Outdoorks commented
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      That sounds like what I'd usually bring in my bag too, I've got cash too just in case of an emergency. You know, there comes a time when a sugar daddy once scammed me.

    • BeachRun
      BeachRun commented
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      Wait, would you not carry your wallet and bank cards with you?

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    A small bag containing all the basic stuffs that I need. Of course, condoms should always be with me. Lol.


    • NotoriousMOM
      NotoriousMOM commented
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      Ah, yes. I think ladies here should also bring condoms too so that there won't be an excuse that a man has "forgot" to buy condoms. Lol.

    • GoGo
      GoGo commented
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      NotoriousMOM I do not believe that excuse. A man should always have his condoms with him. It is like an extra item that should be carried around.

    • GrandioseGraham
      GrandioseGraham commented
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      So, what are those basic stuffs that you are referring to?

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    No weapons for me of any kind. I do not even bring a pepper spray. Anyway, just my usual stuff. I carry myself, of course, and my hand bag. What are inside my hand bag? Oh, the usual things: wallet, keys, make up kit and I think those are the important ones.


    • missSimplistichorny
      missSimplistichorny commented
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      I think you should consider bringing pepper spray and there's nothing wrong about it, it's just for self-defense. I have those too by the way: wallet, keys, coin purse, makeup kit and extra pain of undies, lol.

    • DikeM
      DikeM commented
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      Pepper spray is for those creeps lingering on the streets not for those sugar daddies lol! Do not harm them if they do not have something bad to do to you.

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    I think I shouldn't be bringing my car with me if he has a ride, well, my purse has everything I need: my phone, keys to my house, extra cash, a pack of condoms, and mouthwash.


    • KittyBush
      KittyBush commented
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      Definitely, you should not be bringing your car! It could not be that you would be trailing him on all occasions. Lol.

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    It's best to always bring our phones and extra cash with us, I have a car just in case my sugar mommy doesn't have a ride, I can give her a ride. Also, I sometimes bring extra clothes, it's in my trunk just in case.


    • KiwiTwin
      KiwiTwin commented
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      I'm sure that you should be the one driving for your sugar mommy, pamper her up a bit and she will give you another bonus for that!

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    It's important to always have mouthwash if you can't bring toothbrush and toothpaste, also, we essentially need tissues and make-up. Hair ties? Bobby pins? Oh, don't forget hand sanitizers too and also, condoms.


    • Boundaryko
      Boundaryko commented
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      Oh, those essentials that you have mentioned, especially if you have hair-trouble, you can have those hair ties or bobby pins ready inside of your purse.

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    I just bring what I usually bring on dates but with extra cash in case of emergency lol.