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  • Allowance for beauty expense

    Beauty is everywhere and we are expected to be always beautiful. Now, I am contemplating on asking my daddies to provide me allowances for my beauty expenses on top of my regular payment. Would it be fine to continue with this demand or not?

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    No, I do not think so. Your beauty expenses should be shouldered by you and should not be passed to your daddies.


    • JessieJay
      JessieJay commented
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      Or she needs to make sure that she can buy some from the allowance that she's getting from him

    • SugahBaby
      SugahBaby commented
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      Well, if the daddies are generous enough, then they could provide an allowance for the make ups.

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    Are you the type who buys make up every time you go out? I bet you don't need to buy a new shade of lipstick or whatever it is that you need every month.


    • Jinni
      Jinni commented
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      Shopping a makeup whenever she goes to the store would be a waste of money. If she does that one, things would be accumulated and who would use all those?

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    If he comments about your looks, then it's okay for you to ask him to give you extra for it. Otherwise just be content with what you have lol


    • SashaBangs
      SashaBangs commented
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      lol. Nice one. Well, yeah, you are right. If she looks good already, then no need to ask for extra allowance for makeups.

    • GoGo
      GoGo commented
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      It's not like every guy would comment about looks, they just want to get laid and just enjoy your company. Nothing more.

    • DikeM
      DikeM commented
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      I bet that any of your daddies has actually said that to you KittyBush

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    It would be much better if he would give it to you just because he wanted it and not because you demanded to him to give you an allowance for that kind of expense. Since you can easily include them on the allowance that he gives you every month


    • BeeLinda
      BeeLinda commented
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      When you do not ask, they won't give. So, better to ask upfront?

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    You should include those expenses on the allowance that you're getting from him. He might get the impression that you don't know how to budget your money and you're too materialistic


    • DivisionComposite
      DivisionComposite commented
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      If they're only starting being a baby, then it is reasonable that they would have problems when it comes to budgeting their money

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    I don't see anything wrong with doing that if that's something that you've talked about in the beginning and he's fine with it. Otherwise you should include that on your monthly budget. Also if you suddenly asked extra for that, it might think that you're taking advantage of him


    • IzzySteezy
      IzzySteezy commented
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      My sugar daddy would give me a bonus every other month for beauty expenses.

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    You just have a problem when it comes to budgeting that allowance that you're getting from your daddy. Because you don't really need to buy those things every month


    • missRattypussy
      missRattypussy commented
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      How long did it take before you're able to budget your allowance properly?

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    I'm happy already with body massage and a few skincare products at beauty stores.


    • SteenCumbersome
      SteenCumbersome commented
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      But are you going to ask an extra allowance for that or you would try and include them on your allowance?

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    When it comes to that expense, I would just try and include that in my budget that's coming from his allowance