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  • Comparing Partners

    Do you guys think that it is a good idea if you and your sugar parent talk about each others past sexual partners?

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    I don't think that it is a good idea. There is a chance that they would feel bad if they learn that you've been with someone who had a bigger dick than his.


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      If he's willing to share about his, then I wouldn't mind to do the same so that it would be fair.


      • pussyBlue-eyedlicking
        pussyBlue-eyedlicking commented
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        Are you not going to be envious if he tells you about that things that they've done together? Because there might be things that he has tried before that he doesn't want to do it with you.

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      I will not openly talk about my previous partners because there's a chance that your current one might feel bad for himself if you've been with who was awesome in the bedroom.


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        Not that comfortable to talk about my previous sexual encounters with the current man that I'm seeing. So I will suggest that you don't talk about it.


        • ExtraMantra
          ExtraMantra commented
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          Me too, I am not want to discuss and talk about it since I don't want to share my sex life with others.

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        As a daddy, I don't really care about the past sexual experience of my baby and I am more concerned with the experiences that we both are making up to this day.


        • missShrillpussy
          missShrillpussy commented
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          So you're not going to feel bad for yourself if she tells you that your dick is only average sized or something like that?

        • RudeRudy
          RudeRudy commented
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          I'll be concerned if its not satisfying her lol. I won't feel bad because I know its not in the size its in the performance lmao. missShrillpussy

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        I really don't want him to know my past sexual experience and his past experiences too. It's better if we stick to what we do and forget all about it.


        • missPoisedhorny
          missPoisedhorny commented
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          I guess you had a rough and bad sexual experience in the past that's why you don't want to talk about it.

        • FrillerDrill
          FrillerDrill commented
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          What are you going to do if he wants to talk about it? Are you going tell stories or politely decline to answer his question.

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        If I know beforehand that my sugar daddy is the jealous type, I will never talk about it. But if he's not, I'm going to talk about it but only in passing and if he asks about it.


        • missSpikypussy
          missSpikypussy commented
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          I'm pretty sure that he won't get jealous if those sex experience is already in the past and not in the present situation.

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        Since I'm not the type who's fuck and tell, I will never mention anything about my past relationships with my current partner.


        • missNeighborlypussy
          missNeighborlypussy commented
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          What are you going to do if he asks you about it?

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        Has somebody asked you about your previous partners that's why you're asking us this question?


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          It all depends and hope both of you are not the jealous type when it comes to sharing sexual experiences of the past.


          • Ragemici
            Ragemici commented
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            I think both shall just keep it so your story will remain hidden especially your secrets.