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How To Reject Them Properly

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  • How To Reject Them Properly

    Just wondering on how you reject potential sugar parents or babies. Do you talk to them face to face and tell them that it wouldn't work or you would just ignore their messages so that they would get tired of trying to contact you?

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    It's better to tell them either in person or through a phone call or text message.


    • IzzySteezy
      IzzySteezy commented
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      I'd be rejecting them through phonecall. After all, that's how my sugar daddies contact me, with just one phone call.

    • KittyBush
      KittyBush commented
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      If you're on a date with him, it's better to tell him in person

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    I often tell them by the end of the date. Because if I didn't enjoy his company during the date, there's a chance that I might find him boring


    • assBrieftight
      assBrieftight commented
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      Would you still reject him even if he has lots of money and can pay you more than the usual payment?

    • GoGo
      GoGo commented
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      Why not tell him during the date? I can't believe that you're just going to waste the rest of your time.

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    I just ignore them. They would give up, eventually. Tried and tested.


    • BillyOrgan
      BillyOrgan commented
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      missOvertpussy Ghosting is already a norm because it works every time.

    • SugahBaby
      SugahBaby commented
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      You're not afraid of having a reputation of ghosting potential daddies because of it?

    • BeeLinda
      BeeLinda commented
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      SugahBaby No. A pretty sugar baby just like me should never worry about those petty things.

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    Originally posted by missSpikypussy View Post
    through a phone call or text message.
    If you want to be extra formal, you can send them an email telling them that you don't want them to be your baby or parent lol


    • SashaBangs
      SashaBangs commented
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      Have you tried sending a formal email to your sugar mommy when you try to end things with her? Lol

    • NotoriousMOM
      NotoriousMOM commented
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      You shouldn't be emailing them, it might cause a rumor. You know how we always leave our emails online and people might see even an excerpt of the letter. It's better to tell them in person.

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    I was thinking that you're going to ask us what we tell to a potential sugar baby or sugar parent. For me, it all depends on my schedule. Sometimes I would do it via call or text if I'm busy. But if I'm not, I would just invite them for dinner and talk about it then and there


    • BohoKween
      BohoKween commented
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      Rejection over dinner? That would be so nice of you. The sugar baby would experience a lesser pain as it was done so nicely.

    • missRattypussy
      missRattypussy commented
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      BohoKween never heard of couples breaking up during dinner? Think of it as the opposite of a wedding proposal over dinner. But rather than celebrating, there would be an awkward silence during the meal lol

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    Just be straight to the point and tell him or her that the two of you are not a good match and wish him or her luck with his or her search


    • KiwiTwin
      KiwiTwin commented
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      Maybe she thinks that being direct is a bad idea that's why she's looking for a different approach

    • missSomberhorny
      missSomberhorny commented
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      KiwiTwin being direct to the point is better than trying to make a complicated explanation as to why it wouldn't work for the both of you

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    I would suggest to talk to your potential baby face to face like a proper adult