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  • Salt Daddy

    If you guys aren't familiar with 'Salt Daddy', it's a sugar lingo if a person is faking his generosity just so he can get into your pants. What can you say about fake daddies like this? Have you encountered a salt daddy before?

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    I was so close to encountering one, even if we'd already settled to meeting up. I knew that he was faking it when he kept making excuses for our dates and end up ghosting me as well. Those fake daddies are just wasting their time, nothing much for me to say about them, lol.


    • FrillerDrill
      FrillerDrill commented
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      They're messing around or can't get their mind to straighten out. They're probably with their wife when you asked them out and they can't seem to find a way out to have a good time with you. They just waiting the opportunity to be with you, sis.

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    Actually, I do not care if he is a salt daddy or not. What I am more concerned is the payment that I could have. Salt daddies are generous even if it is fake. That could mean that I could still get generous benefits from him.


    • SashaBangs
      SashaBangs commented
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      I agree. Just accept the fact that he's fake and he's just using you for his sexual satisfaction. You shouldn't have any hard feelings because you are gaining benefits from it anyway.

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    Not a problem with me. As long as I could have my payment then that would be fine with me. He could fake all he wants and that would be fine with me. Of course, on our dates, he should shoulder all expenses.


    • PaperRunTayl9or
      PaperRunTayl9or commented
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      These are my thoughts as well. I don't really care if he's just faking his attention to me because that's what I've been doing to him too. Lol!

    • missPoisedhorny
      missPoisedhorny commented
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      Yes. I care about my compensation. Never mind if he is classified as a salt daddy.

    • Outdoorks
      Outdoorks commented
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      He is faking and you are faking so the feeling is mutual. As long as you get what you need then it would be alright.

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    I haven't encountered one because the sugar daddies that I've had are really nice. Anyway, I do think that you shouldn't worry about his fake generosity for as long as he pays you appropriately.


    • missSpikypussy
      missSpikypussy commented
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      You're lucky that you haven't been scammed by your sugar daddies. But how about the others right? Those salt daddies are nothing but sex-addicts and cheapskates, they only want to have sex with you without any payment. Let's not waste our time with people like that.

    • assSloppytight
      assSloppytight commented
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      Yes. I believe that money is more important than fake generosity. He could become generous all he wants and that would be fine with me.

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    No, I haven't encountered something like that. But what I can say to you is that you should just act as if you believe his fake act and just continue rendering services for him. You shouldn't care if he's fake or not. You should just care if you are compensated properly for your services.


    • DivisionComposite
      DivisionComposite commented
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      But wouldn't it be kinda hurtful if the guy is just fake towards you? If I were a sugar baby of a salt daddy, I think I will confront him and tell him that if he doesn't show me genuine actions, I will leave him.

    • DirectionLove
      DirectionLove commented
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      missSimplistichorny So you're just going to ride along with his awful schemes without payment in return? You're just wasting your time with him.

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    I already encountered one and all I can say is that I don't like to experience that anymore. I mean I like to earn money but I like to be truly appreciated as well. If my current sugar daddy is fake, it would be better if I just leave him and find another one.


    • ExtraMantra
      ExtraMantra commented
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      Those guys are the worst! They're opportunity-seekers and yes, they're selfish because they just wanted to get something from you but will not pay you for that. Well, they should look for other girls that want to fuck for free.

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    I haven't encountered a salt daddy before and I don't want to encounter one ever. Given that I am already providing services for them, I would want my sugar daddies to display real and honest actions towards me. In that way, I know that I am being truly appreciated.


    • missSecondpussy
      missSecondpussy commented
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      Those salt daddies have the nastiest attitudes, well, it must be that they're sugar babies wasn't nice to them that's why they would take out their revenge on innocent sugar babies like us.

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    Originally posted by Jinni View Post
    If you guys aren't familiar with 'Salt Daddy', it's a sugar lingo if a person is faking his generosity just so he can get into your pants. What can you say about fake daddies like this? Have you encountered a salt daddy before?
    I don't think that a salt daddy will ever give me the payment that I deserve, say he wants to have sex with me for FREE. And NO, I will not let him get anywhere near me so it's better that I should stay away from him if I see early signs that he's a fake daddy.


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      So, for us guys, there are salt mommies too, right? Right!
      Okay, those salt mommies are unfair, they should give us payment, even if it's just a little.
      Because I'm expecting payments for my services. If I'd ever encounter a salt mommy,
      I'd immediately ask her for her payment first, in exchange for the things she's demanding me to do.


      • Ragemici
        Ragemici commented
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        I wouldn't want to waste my time dealing with those fake daddies too. This is why I'd always ask for serious arrangements first, but if they would even mention doing this for free or no cash, I'd stop talking to them and just walk away.

      • missFabulouspussy
        missFabulouspussy commented
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        But she would still pay you, right? I do not think that she would run away from you. They do not usually do that one.

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      I had never encountered one in the past. All the sugar daddies that I had been with were the leg imitate ones. Anyway, if I had a salt daddy, then it would still be fine as long as I would be paid normally.