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  • No chemistry

    I know that they say that there should be a chemistry between you and your sugar parent. Well, most would say that they have one, but I do not think that they are telling the truth. Anyway, what would you do if you and your sugar parent does not a chemistry? Would you still continue doing business with your sugar parent?

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    You do not need that chemistry so just go on. You know what? We are here to give services and to be paid. Those are the only things that we need to have. The chemistry is already a bonus factor.


    • NotoriousMOM
      NotoriousMOM commented
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      You're right, JollyFilly. A sugar date does not necessarily need to have 'chemistry', it's the service that you give and the reward that you'll receive is just the way to go.

    • GoGo
      GoGo commented
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      NotoriousMOM Yeah! I agree with you. We are here just to provide the services that they need. No need to have a chemistry, although that would be a plus factor. It would always look nice when chemistry exists.

    • JessieJay
      JessieJay commented
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      I agree. No need to have a chemistry. As long as you get along, then that would already be okay.

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    Sometimes there's chemistry between me and my sugar daddy, it's not much of a big deal as if we would end up like an actual couple. It's just that we're so compatible and the thought that there's real chemistry between us is something special.


    • missSimplistichorny
      missSimplistichorny commented
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      That's the good thing about finding a sugar date, it's that you two are somehow connected and you cannot explain what it really is but you two just feel it.

    • BeachRun
      BeachRun commented
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      But you won't end up together, that is a high certainty that you won't end up. Most would remain to be sugar babies with their sugar daddies.

    • missSpikypussy
      missSpikypussy commented
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      Well, congratulations that you have it. Not all people have what you currently have with your sugar daddy.

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    Would it be much of a big deal having or not having chemistry with your sugar daddy? Most of my sugar daddies and I did not have chemistry but we somehow made things work, I do all this for the sake of work, services and not about having such chemistry.


    • KittyBush
      KittyBush commented
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      Yep. Chemistry is just a bonus factor. If you have it, then that is great. If you do not have it, then at least just fake it. Lol.

    • pussyHabitualwet
      pussyHabitualwet commented
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      How would there even be a chemistry between you two if the age gap is just too far right? No offense, but I guess you two can only jive at making each other feel happy and those talks that usually involve sex.

    • missSecondpussy
      missSecondpussy commented
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      Yes. Chemistry is not that important, but it would help somehow to have a good relationship. When you have a chemistry, then things would be easier.

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    If there's chemistry between us then could there be a bonus from that? Of course, I try my best to have a chemistry with some of my sugar mommy, it works. I receive bonus cash and presents.


    • assBrieftight
      assBrieftight commented
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      Wow, just like that? How can it bee so easy for you? What could be the techniques behind that? Or it could have been your smooth-talking' with those sugar mommies, huh?

    • missRattypussy
      missRattypussy commented
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      Good for you if you manage to have chemistry with your sugar mommy. I bet you are a momma's boy that's why you can get along well with your sugar mommies, huh?

    • InjusticeAmice
      InjusticeAmice commented
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      Yeah, a chemistry is important. You are right. You could receive better rates, gifts and other stuffs from your sugar mommy.

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    I cannot explain how or what kind of chemistry it is but sometimes I can feel it towards one of my sugar daddies. I guess I do have an old soul in me, just a little bit.


    • missAnnoyingpussy
      missAnnoyingpussy commented
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      Maybe that you two have known each other for so long and everything goes smoothly just like that. Well, I'd be happy to hear that, you must have been his favorite, huh?

    • missPoisedhorny
      missPoisedhorny commented
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      Really, KiwiTwin? That's impossible! How can you have such chemistry if those sugar daddies of yours are way too old for your age? Maybe it's just that you two can relate so much about sex stuff, is that it? Lol.

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    Chemistry is something that we need to have. I mean, it is better if we have it. The relationship is easier to handle when that chemistry exists.


    • Boundaryko
      Boundaryko commented
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      It would be smoother than the butter on your bagels, lol kidding. Well, chemistry is rare between people if they DO have that kind of connection, unexplainable but only both of them could understand well.

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    If there's no chemistry between them then it's okay. Accept that there isn't but don't pretend that there is because we all know that pretending may lead to something worse but anyway, there is no need to have chemistry when you're sugar dating.


    • RudeRudy
      RudeRudy commented
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      Chemistry won't be necessary anyway, as long as the two of us are having fun even for the smallest of things.