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  • What's the first thing to do?

    What will be the first thing that you will do if you found out that your regular sugar daddy/mommy has decided to ghost you?
    You two were still sweet on one very evening then soon after you've never heard anything from him/her, then you realized that he/she has already ghosted you.

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    I wouldn't be surprised at all, okay, the sweet-talking must be his way of telling e goodbye and that everything is okay between us. Time to entertain other of my sugar daddies now.


    • missRattypussy
      missRattypussy commented
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      But if he wants to end things with you, he should've at least told you in a nice way. Not just going to leave you like that, you might be worried about what might have happened to him.

    • missPoisedhorny
      missPoisedhorny commented
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      Boundaryko but what I do know is that at some point you might have been pissed off because he just wasted your time instead of just told you the truth right? I can handle the truth he does not want me any longer, I can easily accept that.

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    I'd be contacting him, like, calling him to see if he's okay. But if my number can no longer reach his, then I guess he has found a new and better sugar baby. Oh well, goodbye!


    • DikeM
      DikeM commented
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      Then you should go and find some new sugar daddies. They're easy to find than those sugar daddies that have ghosted you, it means that it's all over between you two.

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    I would be angry, I will never forgive him for ghosting me. I've been ghosted by other sugar daddies and some of them ran away with my money, I can't believe that I've wasted my time, effort, and services on them.


    • BillyOrgan
      BillyOrgan commented
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      How unfortunate it is to hear your pitiful story. I think you should be careful next time before you'd give in to those sugar daddies. They seem to get away with everything easily, ask for their payment first before you'd even do their requests. If there's no money then there won't be any services.

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    Oh, I've heard of those ghosting it is quite terrible but at least I have not experienced a sugar baby that tried to abandon me without telling me where I went wrong or what might have happened to them.


    • assSloppytight
      assSloppytight commented
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      I never liked the experience of being ghosted, luckily, it was by a sugar daddy but to some of my past lovers. Well, those were flings actually, yes, they abandoned me without any reason at all.

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    If a sugar daddy or anyone has ghosted you, just accept that it is over between you two. But if they came back or contacted you once again, do not be rude to entertain them again. They might even realize to themselves that it was wrong leaving you before, give them a chance.


    • missPanickyhorny
      missPanickyhorny commented
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      Wow, I should consider that one then, as they say, if you love someone set them free and if they come back then you two are meant to be. Lol, does that apply to sugar dating? I guess so.

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    Exactly how many days have been idle on me? I cannot consider that ghosting if he's been away for days or even for a week, he must be spending time with his family or has been dealing with his job or anything. I'll just wait for him to come back to me, then he'll just make it up to me by asking me out on a date immediately. Yep.


    • missFabulouspussy
      missFabulouspussy commented
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      Maybe he's been busy with a lot of things and just wait for him to be contacting you first. If you have other sugar daddies on the line then go entertain them while you can.

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    Then, I would have to move on, and find a replacement. In this trade, we must always be ready to be ghosted. We know that somebody new had come along and had taken place of my previous spot. A thing like that really happen.


    • JessieJay
      JessieJay commented
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      Right! A new replacement must be found at the soonest possible time. The sugar daddy that ghosted me would never contact me once again.

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    I would get mad and would shout at the top of my voice: That son of a bitch! Why did he ghost me? Why?!


    • Humomkin
      Humomkin commented
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      Whoa, calm down there. If that's the case, would that be your first time that someone has actually ghosted you?

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    I could call him. Yes, call him to thank him for all the support that he had done to me. That is the most that I could do.


    • BeachRun
      BeachRun commented
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      Better than letting him ghost you and you will never say thank you for all the support that he has given you. Let's just understand them because they're old already and let them be happy.