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Comforting my sugar daddy

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  • Comforting my sugar daddy

    So recently, my sugar daddy came up to me and he felt really emotional. He told me that I look like one of his previous sugar babies, he says that it was one of his favorite sugar babies so he's asking me a few favors to act like her.
    I know that I'm not a good impersonator but if it would make him happy or if he would give me a great offer for that, then I would accept it. But do you have any advice for situations like this?

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    Not a good impersonator? Well then if he showed you cash then I guess you will turn into his favorite sugar baby in just one snap, lol! I know you will do whatever it takes to comfort your sugar daddy.


    • KiwiTwin
      KiwiTwin commented
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      If I can impersonate the exact same person that my sugar daddy is referring to then I would do it, in exchange for a higher rate, with a bonus surprise too! Lol.

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    I'd be offended for a little if my sugar daddy only reminds me of his favorite sugar baby, which is not me but looks like me. Yeah, I'd feel bad about myself that I don't think he really likes me for me but I only remind him of someone.


    • pussyPresentlicking
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      He only reminds you of his previous sugar baby and you don't have to feel offended by that because he's with you now. The only difference between you two is that maybe she has an attitude problem but the looks between you too are just the same. Well, you should be happy that he did not say anything offensive about you, right?

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    This story of yours is quite unusual but for some reason, you must be kind to your sugar daddy. After all, he just wanted you to act like her and you get paid for that, it's not that hard right? Go for it and he will be your next favorite sugar baby.


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      Ah! For the sake of money, then you should be a good imitator. Bring out the best actress that you could be. Act like his previous favorite sugar baby and stand out from the rest.


      • Jinni
        Jinni commented
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        I know right? She might become her sugar daddy's next favorite sugar baby for becoming a great imitator. He seems to be paying her good money for this assignment lol!

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      If that is his request, then you may do so. Just think of the money that you could get from him. I think that your sugar daddy is emotional and still could not let go of her previous sugar baby. Oh, by the way, had you asked him about that sugar baby's whereabouts now?


      • Stitchel
        Stitchel commented
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        Why would you even have to ask about that previous sugar baby's whereabouts? I think she quit her business with that sugar daddy and I'm sure that he does not want to share any stories about her anymore since it will only make him feel more emotional about it.

      • missAnnoyingpussy
        missAnnoyingpussy commented
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        Stitchel That previous sugar baby might had escaped from him as she could no longer take the demands of the old man. So, on her part, so should be wary with her sugar daddy.

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      You are not a good impersonator as you had stated. Since you could not act properly, then I guess that you should not accept his request. One, you would have a hard time acting out. Two, since you are not a good actress, then your acting skills might fail, and he would not be pleased with you.


      • DivisionComposite
        DivisionComposite commented
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        I agree. Just be honest to him and tell him that you cannot do what he wants you to do. Just give him a better service in order to lift up his mood.

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      Just do your best. Do it all for the money and of course, your sugar daddy's happiness. The happier he is then the more money you will get, right?


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        For the sake of the money and his happiness, I'll impersonate his sugar baby in the past. I won't be hurt or anything because I'm just doing my job which is rendering service to my sugar daddy.