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  • What a surprise!

    My friend messaged me last night, saying that she has found herself a sugar daddy, an Italian sugar daddy and is going to meet her next month. I am genuinely happy for her and she told me that I should come along on their date. I refused because it's their date but to my surprise, she already proposed to her sugar daddy that she will join me on their date just so we can have a threesome. Of course, I'll get paid for their services and he will offer me and her to go out for a shopping spree. I'm thinking about giving it a go, why would I even miss this chance, right?
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    I am not surprised to this, I know that you're not going to refuse the part when your friend invited you for a threesome. At least you get paid for it too right? So go out there and get yourself a taste of an Italian Sugar Daddy, lol!


    • Stitchel
      Stitchel commented
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      I wouldn't refuse to join them as well if that was me. A paid service for a threesome? Plus, with shopping sprees and other gifts for that sounds like a great deal already!

    • missPoisedhorny
      missPoisedhorny commented
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      Two friends partaking an old man for money. It does not look good to me. She could decline the offer and have herself her own sugar daddy.

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    Eh? Looks like it is not sugar dating anymore. Lol. Anyway, you could join them as you would still get paid. Enjoy your shopping spree.


    • Jinni
      Jinni commented
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      Don't be too bitter, you'll soon find a sugar daddy or a fellow sugar baby that will invite you to have a threesome in exchange for gifts and cash too!

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    Would you not feel awkward having a threesome with a friend? For me, it would look bad that we, as friends, are servicing an old man.


    • ExtraMantra
      ExtraMantra commented
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      If it's a one-time thing then why would you feel awkward about that? You two can keep a secret and as long as the old man is paying you two then I guess it wouldn't be a bad thing after all.

    • assSloppytight
      assSloppytight commented
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      But as friends who know each other, you would not have a hard time understanding each other when it comes to servicing that old man.

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    Your friend already made a proposal even without your prior consent? How sure was she that you would agree with the indecent proposal?


    • GoGo
      GoGo commented
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      She could have known her friend to be so liberal and would do anything for money. Remember that they are best friends so they know each other so well.

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    Go for it! Besides you are with your friend and I think she won't tag you along if she knew that it's not safe. Make the shopping spree as your motivation while doing the threesome.


    • DivisionComposite
      DivisionComposite commented
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      Exactly! Plus you'll get paid and your efforts will not be put to waste. Just enjoy the moment and you'll surely be happy after because you are sexually satisfied and you still get to have a shopping spree.

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    If I were you, I won't go for it. I can't take being naked with my friend in front of a stranger and worse, having sex with the both of them.


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      If I am a gold digger and a shopping addict, I'll probably go for it. But fortunately, I am not like one so I won't have my dignity tarnished by agreeing to have a threesome with my friend.


      • missSpikypussy
        missSpikypussy commented
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        Oh, don't think too much, hun. No one will judge you for that and besides, what's the worst that could happen? They did NOT ask to record it right? So you might as well give it a try, and you might enjoy it for sure. Well, for me, I'd definitely want to try it because I'm sure that it will only be a one-time thing and it's worth to try.

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      Your friend is really willing to have a threesome with you? She must be so desperate for money then. Lol! If I were in your shoe, I won't go for it. I can't bear to see my friend's naked body in front of me. And since it's a threesome, there's a high chance that we'll be kissing each other and I definitely do not want that to happen.


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        Go for it, girl! But make sure that it is just a one time thing. Also make sure to tell your friend that no one else should know about the threesome that you are gonna do. If someone else knows about it, you and your friend will surely be humiliated.