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Propositions from old men

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  • Propositions from old men

    From time to time, we get propositions from various old men. Yeah, we know that they are trying to get some attention with us. But the thing is, most of them would not really be capable to provide us the needed things. You know, those allowances and all others that they need to provide. So, how do you deal with those old men? As for me, I just ignore them.

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    I will entertain their propositions. When they could not meet my expectations, then I would have to decline them politely. At least, I ended the transactions well.


    • IzzySteezy
      IzzySteezy commented
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      That's a great way to interact with them, at least they've learned a thing or two from you about your expectations.

    • Dickie
      Dickie commented
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      The same goes for me when it comes to interacting with old women. I would discuss them what I needed if they think they cannot provide it, then we'll end the discussion there.

    • KittyBush
      KittyBush commented
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      What kind of expectations are we talking about here?

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    Am I the only one who ignores them without saying any word? I mean, hello, time is precious and I am quite busy most of the time so I could not really go out with them and politely reject their propositions.


    • GoGo
      GoGo commented
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      Ignoring them would probably the best thing to do. I don't have time to argue with them as well.

    • LadyBoss
      LadyBoss commented
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      But don't you find that ignoring them would give an impression that you are not that nice? This negative impression would be passed to other clients and you might not have any client in the future.

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    I'm not sure about that not being able to give the allowance that you're asking. Because most if not all of the potential sugar daddies that have talked to me can easily give what I'm asking for. You might be unlucky when it comes to those kind of men that's why you think that they can't give you what you want from them


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      I'm not sure they would try and be a sugar daddy if they know that they are not able to provide their potential baby an allowance. Maybe the gentlemen who are talking to you are just pretending to be potential daddies and are trying to convince you to sleep with them


      • CashMomma
        CashMomma commented
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        The ego of some men, they'll be tricking you just so they can get near you. Just be careful out there, babies!

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      If that happened to you before, there might be miscommunication coming from the both of you. He might be thinking that you want him to be his boyfriend and was thinking that taking you out on dates is enough already


      • SugahBaby
        SugahBaby commented
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        It is also a possibility that the guy knew that she's looking for a sugar daddy and he pretended to be one in order to sleep with young women

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      That's a hard pass for me. Because I don't want the idea of him dying while he's with me floating in my head every time that we're together