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  • Having a boyfriend

    Do any of my sugar sisters here see having a boyfriend while doing sugar dating on the side? Why or why not?

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    If I can manage to have a boyfriend, then I'd get myself a boyfriend but I can't seem to have both of them at once. I'm scared that if my boyfriend knew about this side of me, he will either leave me or make me quit sugar dating. So now, I'm thinking that it's best for me NOT to have a boyfriend lol.


    • Ragemici
      Ragemici commented
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      As much as you're enjoying your sugar dates right now, you shouldn't be in a hurry to get a boyfriend. After all, your sugar daddies are like your boyfriends, but they'd give you cash in exchange for your services which is worth than having boyfriends that will only give you headaches and heartaches, lol!

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    Of course, you could have one. But there is an issue there. One, would your boyfriend allow you to continue with your professions? Two, would you be able to have a proper time management when you have the job and you still need to have a time with your boyfriend?


    • Dickie
      Dickie commented
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      I've thought of that too, that's why sometimes when I'm on hiatus from sugar dating, I am free to have a girlfriend but if I'm single, I'm back to sugar dating again lol!

    • Jinni
      Jinni commented
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      Boyfriends would not allow you to be sugar babies. No same boyfriend would allow it. Period.

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    No, you can not do that one easily. You won't have the time. Besides, would a sugar daddy like to have a sugar baby who has already a boyfriend? I do not think that they would like one.


    • pussyWoozywet
      pussyWoozywet commented
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      The same goes for boyfriends finding out that you are doing sugar dating with your sugar daddies. So yes, I would have to agree that this is impossible to happen.

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    First, I do not think that any man would allow his girlfriend to be a sugar baby as that would be an insult to him.


    • pussyResolutetight
      pussyResolutetight commented
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      It only means that he cannot give what his girl wants but a sugar daddy could provide her everything, Yeah, that is pretty insulting already, she should only choose one like she can only have a boyfriend and nothing else or she could just continue sugar dating with her sugar daddy.

    • Outdoorks
      Outdoorks commented
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      Yes! So, do not attempt to have a boyfriend when you are an active sugar baby.

    • pussyThreetight
      pussyThreetight commented
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      I agree, but there are some boys who are okay with it so that they have money. You know, sugar parents always give money to support their sugar babies' wants. missFabulouspussy

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    You could have a boyfriend as long as you know how to keep your profession on the side. How would you do that one? That would be a great question.


    • KiwiTwin
      KiwiTwin commented
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      I can do that, but that would mean that I am cheating on both of them. Well, I can make adjustments for both of them and I cannot be convenient for both of them all the time. It will depend on my mood if I feel like dating my boyfriend or dating my sugar daddy.

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    I think it's okay for as long as the sugar daddy is not aware that you have a boyfriend. Because sugar daddies tend to be possessive sometimes. They do not want other guys to be touching and connecting with their sugar babies.


    • Biggie
      Biggie commented
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      Some sugar daddies are the opposite, they are okay as long as you are open to them. They won't mind, because they'll think that you're young and you are free to explore as much as you like. Why would they even restrict you? You should live your life the way you wanted to.

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    I don't think that I can manage to have two lovers at the same time. That's why if I am in need of money, I'll just choose to have a sugar daddy but if I'm not, then I guess I'll find myself a boyfriend.


    • BillyOrgan
      BillyOrgan commented
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      I can't focus on two things too, considering that this could be risky and sooner or later I'd get caught by someone or by my girlfriend herself.

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    I think having a boyfriend and having a sugar daddy at the same time is thrilling! At least you have a man who will give you gifts and money in exchange for your services and you also have a man who will love you passionately and unconditionally without waiting for anything in return.


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      I would want to try that. I think my life will be so much happier because I have two men in my life who surely appreciates me and who are willing to take care of me.


      • KittyBush
        KittyBush commented
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        If that makes you happy (having two men in your life) then that's great! I hope you are open with your boyfriend about your sugar datings. The same goes for your sugar daddy that he is aware that you have a boyfriend. They should be open about that because it's what makes you happy and they should support your happiness if they really care for you, right?

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      I believe that having a boyfriend and a sugar daddy at the same time is too difficult and complicated. So I'm not planning to do something like that. Maybe I'll choose what I really need as of the moment -- a boyfriend or a sugar daddy.


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        Having both a girlfriend and a sugar mommy requires hard work and more effort. But if I get to be happy while doing that then I guess I will consider making that happen.


        • missSomberhorny
          missSomberhorny commented
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          But what if your girlfriend new about you having a sugar mommy on the side? Do you think that she will learn to accept that? Considering that she does not know anything about it, would you mind telling her about your situation as well?

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        If they already have a boyfriend they should not get sugar daddies.