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Boyfriend does not want to marry me

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  • Boyfriend does not want to marry me

    What would you do if your boyfriend had learned that you had worked as a sugar baby and now does not want to marry you anymore?

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    Oh, if he does not want to accept my past, then I think that it is the end of the relationship. I want someone who could accept the entire me - both my past and my present.


    • pussyResolutetight
      pussyResolutetight commented
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      You are right, it is unfair if you've already accepted him wholeheartedly even his past but when it comes to you, he does not accept it. If he cannot see himself marrying you then there's no point in continuing the relationship because I know relationships always lead to marriage.

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    If he can't accept me for what I was before then I can't do anything about it. If there is no room for any acceptance in his heart then I guess it's better if we just break up.


    • BillyOrgan
      BillyOrgan commented
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      Wow, is he that stonehearted for not accepting your past? Well, what about me? I'm scared that if my future girlfriend finds out this side of me, she won't consider marrying me as well. And yes, she will possibly dump me for that too.

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    I will talk to him for so long and explain that it is all in the past and that I don't have any plans on working as a sugar baby ever again. I will do anything in order to convince him to still consider marrying me.


    • KiwiTwin
      KiwiTwin commented
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      That's a good thing, convince him and soon he will change his mind, right? I think he would still consider marrying you, as long as you promise that you will never be involved with sugar dating anymore. Are you sure that you're okay with that? I mean the marriage will restrict you to some things that you used to do.

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    If my boyfriend doesn't want to marry me because of a thing that I did in the past, then I guess I'll just dump him. I'm still young anyway and I'm sure that there are others out there who will be more understanding.


    • KittyBush
      KittyBush commented
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      There's something about him that's odd, I just think that he might even have a troublesome past but he is focusing on you, being a sugar baby. Well, I guess you should dump him already, such a shame that he cannot accept your past, it means that he does not love you truly.

    • Jinni
      Jinni commented
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      Yes, dump that dumb shit and find someone new who would take you are you are.

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    Then so be it. Not to brag but it's not as if I won't find another boyfriend who would want to marry someone like me. So I'll be okay if he breaks up with me.


    • Biggie
      Biggie commented
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      He's so shallow, haha! Why would he cancel the wedding upon knowing your past experiences on sugar dating? He should move on at least, you're already a changed woman that is ready to marry him but he did not give you that chance, he does not want to understand why you did it before.

    • Outdoorks
      Outdoorks commented
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      Yeah, break up with him even though you love him so much. That would be painful, wouldn't be?

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    If I love my boyfriend so much then I think I will do anything just to make him stay with me. But if not, then I'll let him go and maybe I'll just go back into being a sugar baby.


    • missSomberhorny
      missSomberhorny commented
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      I think you will convince him to stay and he'll soon accept your past and flaws. I hope that all goes well for both of you, he should at least give you a chance, right? After all, you two are already getting married so there's no chance for you to cheat on him anymore.

    • missRattypussy
      missRattypussy commented
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      So, what would you do to make him marry you? Is there a special way to make him stay with you when he had already decided to dump you?

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    Well, if my girlfriend learned that I was a sugar baby before. I'll just say that the things that I've been giving her during that time is from the money that I get while being a sugar baby. And I'll also tell her that if she wants a luxurious and grand wedding then maybe I can go back to sugar dating for some time so that we can earn money for the wedding.


    • Ragemici
      Ragemici commented
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      I'm not sure if that's a valid reason for you to convince her to let you do sugar dating again. She's rather work her ass off for that grand ass wedding but how are you so sure that she's going to make that wedding to push through? Are you not hearing yourself right now? I don't think she's ever going to be impressed by that idea of yours.

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    I won't blame him if he will not marry me, it's all my fault after all.