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My BF cheated on me

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  • My BF cheated on me

    What would you do if your boyfriend cheated on you for the second time? The first time that he cheated, you forgave him. Now, he did it again. What are you going to do next?

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    Well, you could forgive him again. That is what we are here for - to be forgiving. Since I love him, I would give him another chance.


    • InjusticeAmice
      InjusticeAmice commented
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      Boo! You're so dumb into thinking that that will be his last draw. Well, hun, I think it's best that you should forgive him the second time but that will be his LAST, if there would be another one, leave!

    • BeachRun
      BeachRun commented
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      Well, you are so much in love with him, I guess. Anyway, it is your decision if you continue to accept him. I hope that he won't cheat for the nth time.

    • KittyBush
      KittyBush commented
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      Up to how many times would you forgive that man? Are you not being too lenient for him?

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    I would ask him why he cheated on me the second time around. I need to know the reason why. Did I do something wrong?


    • NotoriousMOM
      NotoriousMOM commented
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      You may have done something wrong but it does not give him the right to cheat on you. Words tha5t you should live by; "Two wrongs cannot make one right". Believe me 'coz it's true, sweetie.

    • GrandioseGraham
      GrandioseGraham commented
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      You did not do anything wrong. It was he who had done something wrong. Maybe, he was just having fun. We all know that most men want to have fun.

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    I could dump him depending on how severe the cheating was. If it was too much to take, then it would be better to dump him. I do not need a boyfriend who would just cheat on me.


    • pussyHabitualwet
      pussyHabitualwet commented
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      Depending on how severe the cheating was? Are you serious? Why can't you just dump him for good so that you can no longer be cheated on? You don't deserve that and you should know.

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    If she did it with a man other than the man in her previous cheating incident, then she must be into something already. I think that it is time to dump her already.


    • Outdoorks
      Outdoorks commented
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      How did you even find out about that? Anyway, I think it is okay to dump her for the better. She can have all the fucking that she wants since she's single already lol.

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    Ah! I won't care much. Really, I am busy with the clients, so I won't have much time to confront that boyfriend. That means that he could do the cheats all he wants. My job is more important than to check on that boyfriend.


    • missSimplistichorny
      missSimplistichorny commented
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      Go, girl! Who needs a cheating man anyway? You should dump him and just be happy with your sugar daddies.

    • KiwiTwin
      KiwiTwin commented
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      HAHA! The joke's on him, I think that I should be happy if he did cheat on me the second and could be his last time. That would make us even, I'd leave him for good and I should stick around with my sugar daddies.

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    That would be his last draw, I'd make sure that if he has done me wrong for the third time, I'd pack my things and leave him for good, no wait, I'd pack his things and leave it outside.


    • GoGo
      GoGo commented
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      Oh, so you were already living together? Is he aware that your job is a sugar dating and you are a sugar baby?

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    If my girlfriend would ever cheat on me the second time, I'd leave her right there and then. There are no more chances left for me to forgive her with all her silly little games.


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      I would totally dump him once he cheated on me. I don't deserve someone who is like that.


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        I don't deserve him, so I will break him up and I will stop seeing him of course.