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  • Welcome aboard?

    A friend I know told me that she's tired of making emotional connections and now, she has thought of becoming a sugar baby too. She says that if she's going to date someone, she can at least make money from it. What can you say about this? Should we now welcome her to sugar dating?

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    So, she has made up her mind already since she also gets the idea of what makes a sugar baby in the sugar dating scene. Okay, let's welcome her aboard!


    • JessieJay
      JessieJay commented
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      SO when is this welcoming gig about to start? I'm waiting, or wait, don't tell me that she backed out from this, huh? Well, maybe in time soon, she's not ready for now, I guess?

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    Hmm, she should have some more time to think. missRattypussy you should help her sort things out since you're experienced to sugar dating then you should convince your friend that sometimes sugar dating would be a little bit hard.


    • Humomkin
      Humomkin commented
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      If she's becoming unsure of her decision then better not convince or push her through making the decision to do this. She is not being forced to do this and she shouldn't pressure herself too much about this.

    • Boundaryko
      Boundaryko commented
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      Humomkin Yeah, and if she really wants to do it we should do this without pressure.

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    So, when will she be able to join us here then? I'm looking forward to meeting this new sugar sister of ours. Well, I think she has potential and everyone does have a first time at anything. right?


    • BillyOrgan
      BillyOrgan commented
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      First time in the sugar dating industry? It won't be that easy for her, but it is not that I am discouraging her to join us, she must prepare for anything that could possibly happen. Likee being rejected on the first dates, not getting the amount that she deserves or is expecting to be, and many more.

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    I don't see anything wrong with it so let's just welcome her aboard


    • Outdoorks
      Outdoorks commented
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      But wait just yet, since we do not know her that much yet, it would be nice if he could still be careful but be friendly and sweet to her like we all usually do for each other.

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    I would love to get to know your friend and be her first sugar daddy


    • missSomberhorny
      missSomberhorny commented
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      Oooh, DaddyWarbucks. You're so gallant to meet this fine sugar baby, I'm guessing that you have more time and money in your hands nowadays, huh?

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    Are you sure that she would be fine with being a sugar baby? Maybe she's just telling you that it seems to be a good idea but would eventually back out when he goes on a date with a potential sugar daddy


    • Dickie
      Dickie commented
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      Have you had a sugar baby who decided to back out at the last minute that's why you're checking on whether her friend really wants to be a sugar baby or not

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    Sure. Welcome her to being a sugar baby. But you should remind her that being a sugar baby could not last for a long time. Does she know that thing? She might not be aware of it and might get shock from it.


    • FrogFrock
      FrogFrock commented
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      She might already have and idea but she's having doubts whether it would be a good idea or not

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    Only for money? Only for the emotional connections? I guess that those are petty reasons why she needs to be a sugar baby. I think that you need to have her think well before she dwells into the industry. Both you and I know that it is a difficult world living here.


    • pussyResolutetight
      pussyResolutetight commented
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      I agree and some sugar babies and parents are wanting to quit this kind of industry but sometimes there's no choice but to continue on. Some think that sugar dating is easy when it is not.

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    I would suggest that she go have a date with a potential sugar daddy first to see if she would be comfortable with it or not


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      If she needs one, I suggest you do it.