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  • Would you?

    For the ladies here, if your new client as sugar daddy is a tomboy, would you accept to provide services for him?

    For the men here, if your new client as a sugar mommy is a trans, would you accept to provide services for her?

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    If the payment is high then I would accept it. I believe it would only be dates and companionship only so those things are easy to do.


    • missPoisedhorny
      missPoisedhorny commented
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      I would accept it too! I am a dedicated sugar baby and I will do whatever it takes to give my sugar parents the satisfaction that they deserve.

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    I guess so, yes, for the experience. Besides, I think she can give me a higher offer if I'd accept it.


    • pussyHabitualwet
      pussyHabitualwet commented
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      Hahaha. You are kinda excited to bang a transwoman, huh! I could not blame you. It is true that it would be an added experience for you.

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    Of course, I'll accept it. I am not the type of woman who's picky. As long as they pay me for the services that I give, then, I'll be more than fine with it.


    • InjusticeAmice
      InjusticeAmice commented
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      That's the spirit! There's no need for you to be choosy anyway since you can benefit a lot from it right? I would accept the offer if I were in that same situation too.

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    I guess it depends on the rates that they'll give me. If it's higher than the rate that I'll receive from other sugar daddies, then I will absolutely say yes to that. However, if it's lower, I might have to reconsider. I'm trying to be smart in here so if I'm going to provide the same service then with no doubt, I'll go with the higher rate.


    • BillyOrgan
      BillyOrgan commented
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      Hahaha. Of course, higher rates are always good. And I would also do the same thing. Who would not want to have those high rates?

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    It's a big yes. I don't really mind who I am giving service with. As long as I am being paid for all the things that I do, I don't have any complain about it.


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      Of course, I'd do it. When it comes to being a sugar baby, I am sure that I can act professionally and function in ways that my sugar daddy would want me to. So it doesn't really matter if he's a tomboy or something else.