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  • Just Say Yes?

    Do you automatically say yes to your sugar parents request? Or you think about it first before agreeing to do it or not?

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    It all depends on what they wanted me to do. If we're talking about something along the lines of bdsm, it would be an automatic no for me.


    • pussyWoozywet
      pussyWoozywet commented
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      So you will just say yes if it's an easy request and decline if the offer is far from what you expect like unusual requests from your daddy.

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    Mostly I say yes to him and we should because we are getting paid for what they want. I will only refuse if I'm having trouble dealing with it.


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      If that's something that I wanted to try in the first place, then that's an automatic yes for me. If not, I will ask him the reason why we have to try it.


      • FrillerDrill
        FrillerDrill commented
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        Do you still think that there are things that you wanted to try when it comes to sex that your sugar daddy doesn't tried before?

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      Of course I will just do whatever he wants me to do with him be it inside or outside the bedroom.


      • JollyFilly
        JollyFilly commented
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        Do you think that there is something that he might ask you to do but you're not willing to do it?

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      I will have to think about it if it's worth the try and the price is right. I am not the type who always accept and I always think about it.


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        Yes so my daddy will always contact me if I keep saying yes to his request and it means money will keep on coming if I keep obeying his orders.