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Sugar Baby from New Jersey

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  • Sugar Baby from New Jersey

    I'm new and I'm twenty-four. It's my first time joining and I'm looking for sugar daddies here. Chat me up!

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    Hello there FrillerDrill, I'm HotChatty from Chula Vista, Cali. I'm new here too, we can be friends and together, we can look for a sugar daddy here.


    • Boundaryko
      Boundaryko commented
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      I would like to join the group. Although I am not that young already, I think I could still find some daddies. I prefer the older ones - rich older ones.

    • HotChatty
      HotChatty commented
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      Boundaryko I prefer the rich younger ones. lol. I am a bit picky, eh?

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    So, what kinds of daddies would you want to have? Are you a picky one too just like the other babies?


    • missSecondpussy
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      I'm guessing that you don't consider yourself as a picky baby?

    • missSmilingpussy
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      I think that we should not be picky if we want to have more payments. We could accept just anyone as long as they pay.

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    Welcome to the forum. I hope that you would have a good stay here. I wish you all the best.


    • missShrillpussy
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      Are you not interested in being her sugar daddy?

    • Stitchel
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      missShrillpussy He is only 22 and he is looking for a sugar mommy. I do not think that he would become a sugar daddy soon.

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    So, what are you advantages over the other babies who are also looking for their daddies. Remember that this is a market. In a market, the best would take it all. Well, maybe not all, but most.


    • missNeighborlypussy
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      Wait, is there a competition going on here? Let me just tell you that I'm a bit competitive. So, don't get me started on that DirectionLove 'coz I'm not really in the mood to be feisty right now.

    • BillyOrgan
      BillyOrgan commented
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      Before you two get to discuss about the advantages and disadvantages of this forum, I suggest you two should put up a profile picture first. It would be a lot easier to market yourselves here. DirectionLove

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    Originally posted by FrillerDrill View Post
    I'm new and I'm twenty-four. It's my first time joining and I'm looking for sugar daddies here. Chat me up!
    Welcome! Oh, don't mistake me for a sugar daddy here. Just giving you a head start, I'm just like one of you here looking for a sugar parent too! Anyway, it's nice of you to join us FrillerDrill


    • LadyBoss
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      It's so nice of you to welcome our newest member of the family here, missAdventuroushorny.

    • SashaBangs
      SashaBangs commented
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      Why are you not interested in trying to be her sugar daddy? Do you think that you're still young to be one?

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    I would suggest that once you're able to find a nice pic, try and use that as your profile photo