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Bi sugar mama looking for a sugar baby

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  • Bi sugar mama looking for a sugar baby

    I wanted to introduce myself here since it's hard for gay and bi sugar babies to meet gay and bisexual sugar mamas or daddies. Anyways, my name's Carine and I am looking for a sugar baby to date and spend time with. I am bisexual so if any sugar babies are also bisexuals or even lesbians and want to meet up, you can reply here or message me privately if you want. I'm up for anything

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    I don't consider myself a bi sugar baby but I have made out with girls and even done oral before on girls. It was mostly when I was in first year and a little more into the party lifestyle. I've mostly just dated guys tho. I just don't think that I'm bi but who knows


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      I think that maybe you should try it out a little bit more before you make the decision You might find out that you're into girls and you didn't even know it


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        Why? Are you offering? ;P