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    My friend confessed to me that she desperately wanted to try being a sugar baby. Based on her story, she was so close to going out on a date with a single dad. It wasn't until he ghosted her and she felt sad. She even got dick pics and had already settled for a meet-up with the guy. She even told me that she does not know how to step up her game. I guess she wanted to try it for once or just for an experience. I couldn't seem to help her out since it is quite hard to find sugar daddies these days. I did give her pieces of advice or experiences that I've done. She seems well-off and could afford anything she want but she has a kink for dads. Since I'm here with you guys, I wanted to hear your thoughts about this.

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    Based on your story, she's in it for the experience. We all started like that but with the benefit of money. I guess she needs to prepare herself for other consequences that may occur. I got scammed and I nearly got into a fight with a wife.


    • missSomberhorny
      missSomberhorny commented
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      You are just a sugar baby. You have no right to get a fight with their wives.

    • Outdoorks
      Outdoorks commented
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      What if the wife started to cause a scene at that moment missSomberhorny would you let her? You won't fight back?

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    Since she was not after the money and only the experience then she should try again. There is no harm in trying again.


    • KiwiTwin
      KiwiTwin commented
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      Yes, she could look for other clients. After all, she only wants experiences with daddies. Time is not so much of an issue.

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    Since we only want to have an experience, I suggest that you recommend your own daddies to her. She won't get paid, right?


    • StitchOutdoor
      StitchOutdoor commented
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      She should get paid for the services she is willing to do with the client, if that's the case

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    Well, she should start hanging out here more often as well.


    • DivisionComposite
      DivisionComposite commented
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      Do you really think that would be a good idea because she would be able to chat with people who are into the same thing?

    • missSpikypussy
      missSpikypussy commented
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      Yes DivisionComposite I bet she'll get to discover more by reading forums and gathering info before she'd actually give it a go.

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    If she really do have a kink or fetish with older men, I think she should have at least have an idea on how to get their attention. But if she's truly clueless as to how to get their attention, I would suggest that she sign up on the forum in order to get some tips


    • ExtraMantra
      ExtraMantra commented
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      I bet she has a kink for older men, not because of peer pressure. But if it's out of sheer curiosity then she should know the basics first.